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  • 10/24/2022
  • 11/24/2022
  • 61
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Alyona Savranenko was born in small Ukrainian village called Kapitanivka in Kirovograd region. She graduated from Pedagogical University as a psychologist and as a preschool teacher. Later she was working as a preschool teacher in a small village close to Kyiv — Baryshivka, earning the equivalent of $200 a month.
Friday, November 25th, 2022,
doors at 8:00 pm, the show at 9:00 pm

 The Cutting Room
This event is All ages • The ticket price is $65.

Her first music video "Rybky" ("Fishes") went viral on YouTube and has meanwhile collected over 2,5 million views. In this video she, plus-size, in a bathing suit was cruising around a lake on a jet ski. Then she released album «Pushka», later EP «V khati MA», then album «Galas», and then EP «Lava».

Her other recent music achievements are: Anchor Award by Reeperbahn, Forbes 30 under 30, Midem Talent Export finalist and also she won Music Moves Europe Award and got Public Choice. alyona alyona released tracks featuring Jamala, Kalush, Dax, Monatik, Yoss Bones, Olexesh, Sexton, Noga Erez, Żabson, Kukon and started to work with Def Jam Poland, Universal Music Group, Columbia.

Yana Shemaeva known professionally as Jerry Heil, is a Ukrainian singer, songwriter, and blogger. Heil began her career after launching her YouTube channel in 2012, publishing vlogs and musical covers.

Heil began her professional music career in 2017, releasing her debut extended play De miy dim with Vidlik Records. She later released the single "#OHRANA_OTMENA" in 2019, which became a top five hit in Ukraine. Her debut studio album #YA_YANA was later released in October 2019. Since beginning her YouTube channel, she has accumulated more than 100 million views, and 303 thousand subscribers.

Kola (AnastasiaPrudius) is a popular Ukrainian artist/band, better known with the songs: "Prokhana Gostya" , "Ba" , "Malenka Dіvchinka" .

She was a participant at the shows: "Голос країни-6 сезон" 2016,Нацвідбор "Євробачення-2017", "Танці з зірками" сезони 2018 – 2021,"Голос крїни-11 сезон" 2021

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