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BUDS2 Mechatronic Expert license

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magelan.net.ua/ technodoc.pp.ua/ "Mechatronic Expert" - is a advanced license of the BUDS2 software developers which gives a privileges of "Super User". This license is not available for BRP dealers and distributors. License "Mechatronic Expert" is designed for advanced configuration of the vehicle's electronic modules, as well for recovering after update faults. This license covers all BRP vehicles: SeaDoo MY2016+ Skidoo and Lynx MY2017+ Can-Am MY2017/18+ You can choose the validity for 1, 2, 5 and 10 years. In addition to the basic capabilities of the license "Dealer Technician", the license "Mechatronic Expert" allows you to do the following procedures: Change the VIN and Model numbers (is useful after ECU replacing/reprogramming); View stories in hours, rather than percentage; Enable/disable DESS (start vehicle with any key (except Roadster Spyder)); Change the DESS key type in two clicks (normal, learning, rental); Change the Total Vehicle Hours (SeaDoo ECU Bosch); View more information blocks; Edit injector's coefficient for E-TEC Skidoo; Enable/disable vehicle’s options/modules/sensors; Increase the power of Spark 60 hp up to 90 hp. The differences between licenses "Dealer Technician" and "Mechatronic Expert" can be seen in the comparison table. BUDS2 software is updated periodically. New versions includes support for new models, updates for electronic modules and updates of the diagnostic software. All needed software (current and subsequent versions of BUDS2) can be downloaded from our FTP server, access to which is available for our customers during the validity period of the purchased license. Viber + 380999704767 Natalya Ukraine Zaporozhye WhatsApp + 380999704767

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