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From Tale To Tale · Christmas Adventure 

EVERY CHILD SWEET GIFT! Performance in 3 Languages: Russian, English and Ukrainian. New Year is the time for fairy tales and for GIFTS. For small and large magical stories, in which after a lot of adventure and trouble all end with a happy ending. And we suggest you get into one of them. Such adventures will be interesting, for the smallest spectators, and their moms and dads!

December 17 · 5 PM

The International Theater of the Young Spectator (Youth Theater) will immerse you in a charming New Year atmosphere and give you a little magic!
Actors will turn not only into snowmen, wizards, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, Baba Yaga but even into the White Queen, Rat King, Hatter, and many other heroes of all favorite fairy tales: “Alice in Wonderland”, “The Chronicles of Narnia” and “The Nutcracker”. They are waiting for a lot of fascinating adventures. Together with their familiar heroes, the kids will travel from fairy tale to fairy tale and try to return the stolen New Year. You will not only observe what is happening on the stage but also become direct participants in all events! Together with the actors of the audience get the opportunity to sing and dance, search for answers to questions and make every effort to return to the New Year! Magnificent choreography, bright costumes, an incredible show – all this will decorate this already fascinating tale! End all, of course, happy ending! Because the New Year is the time when all dreams should come true!
Children under two years old have one ticket with one adult. Without the right to occupy a separate place

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