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Direct support assistant

  • 10/15/2021
  • 12/07/2021
  • 126
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Provide supports and services which involve advocating for. Encourage, guide and teach individuals in expressing personal choice. Ensure community integration. Assist with personal hygiene care, toileting, dining, dressing, meal preparation, lifts and transfers. Help to participate in games and recreational programs. Coach and encourage to develop daily living skills. Provide a clean safe and comfortable environment. Carry out and record care plans. Administer medication. Must be on the current eligible list and be reachable for appointment, or be a NYS employee with 1 year of permanent service currently serving in this title and eligible for transfer; or be eligible for transfer via Section 70.1 of Civil Service Law. Must have High School Diploma, GED or a Direct Support Professional Certification and a valid Driver’s License. $41191 to $46103 per year. opwdd.sm.sunmount.jobs@opwdd.ny.gov

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