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EXCELLENT PAY - RNs, LVNs, CNAs, & Caregivers

  • 02/02/2021
  • 11/01/2021
  • 642
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Be a part of our Team and work for one of the most successful company's
in the health care industry.

AAA T.L.C. Health Care has many great jobs available offering HIGHER PAY.
We are looking for Tender, Loving, Caregivers and Nurses who want to work.

Be a part of our Team. We pay HIGHER WAGES and HIGHER BENEFITS than most agencies.
We pay 70% of our Medical Insurance plans with Blue Shield and Kaiser.
We also have Dental and Vision Insurance and 401K.

For those employed 30 hours a week, we give up to 48 hours of sick leave with pay which
can be used for your doctor’s appointments or sick time.

We pay 50% of your Medicare payments and 50% of your Social Security payments, and
And 100% Unemployment and Worker’s Compensation Insurance,
and we offer Disability Insurance .

We have a number of jobs each day and we are looking for people to join our company.
Our employees consider us FAMILY, and many have been with us for over 20 years. They
know we look after our caregivers as much as we look after our clients.

Call us, write us, join us and let us know your availability.

If you are good, and want to work,

Email us or Call us, just let us know your availability, and what time we can call you.

Best wishes and Keep Safe

Jody Sherman John Sherman
President & CEO. Vice President

Email: jody@aaatlc.com. or. john@aaatlc.com or. leah@aaatlc.com or. Snooky @aaatlc.com or chantel@aaatlc.com, nica@aaatl.com

Phone: 818-380-6585. Or. 310-271-1887

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