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Фонд помощи диким животным. 7987971

  • 05/12/2023
  • 05/13/2023
  • 111
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Wild Animal Relief Fund ! In our turbulent times, when fires, volcanic eruptions, all kinds of tornadoes and tornadoes, as well as floods caused by climate change, wild animals are often at risk first of all. It is our international team of volunteer rescuers that saves thousands of animals every day and needs the support of caring citizens of the whole planet. That is why we have to travel to any point of the country every day to help everyone who needs help, and not only animals, but also people. It is really hard for us to see the suffering of wild animals and help them in difficult situations. Global funds cannot cope with daily fires and floods around the world. They just don't see it, but we see it and live with it every day. Our team asks all concerned people to help financially, as much as they can, because we need very large funds for equipment and medicines and vehicles, rescue equipment.We will be very grateful to all those people and we will definitely tell about it in all social networks and television channels and broadcasts about those people who showed mercy to people, to nature and wild animals. Here are our details for transferring money : My mail address: mylexxus128@gmail.com . You can contact me for any question. My banking details : 1HnoVVxowAe2KbHAJXfZV6qsyboXG7KJmz bc1qxwa0x8uc4xfxq7na0k89qu9vnasmany0nja0gz bc1qtn9sr435l83e9ha0xjx4xn94rwuda9fcxjm3z3 1C539Jn9CFiyjZ6KoeaJEya53VN53pSzhr Map of THE WORLD : 2200700133744457 Map of the WORLD : 2202200758999849 Yandex money: 410012765167007 Payeer : P1094058 Perfect Monet: U2924527

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