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My name is Ali, 35yrs. Male, Single, US Citizen.

  • Дата добавления: 02/23/2021
  • Обновлено: 02/23/2021
  • Интересовались: 106
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My name is Ali, 35yrs. Male, Single, US Citizen. Never married no kids, self employed and I have my own car.
Would love to meet someone kind, normal. I really am hoping to meet the person soon or eventually. Really!  I would like to meet a woman who is ready/wants to have fun and enjoy together. I spend my free time at home cooking food, watching Netflix and go to beach. To me age, look or race means nothing. because is out of proofing maturity. She should be loving and caring. If you give it to me, I will give it to you back 10 times more! I want a girl to live together and to share everything. I want my girl to be only mine! I will not share her with some body else!

Interests: Watching movies. Cooking at home and go to beach. How amazing would that be. Or if anyone wants to visit/move to New York City and relocate, we can do that too!! Age expectation: 18 - 35. PLEASE SEND A PHOTO. I've attached a few photos as well. I am looking for someone good and kind hearted. No games and drama please. I'm actually very normal. I don't create/need drama.

(347) 334-8419 • bestof.dream007@gmail.com

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