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Новый Диван Кровать (Queen Size) Продам дёшево NEW Italian Sofa Bed (718)724-3841

  • 11/30/2022
  • 11/30/2022
  • 41
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Продам дёшево Новый в заводской упаковке Итальянский Диван-Кровать (Queen Size) за $750.00. Доставка бесплатно. Text or Call at (718) 724-3841 Brand New Italian Convertible Sofa Bed (Queen Size Sleeper) Price: $750.00 (718) 724-3841 Custom Made in Italy Unique Studio Couch Sofa Bed dimensions ( 3 Seater ) Front Side Outer Width: 77" = 196cm Back Side Outer Width: 79" = 201cm Inner (Cushions) Width: 69" = 176cm Length from the back to the front: Closed bed position: 37" = 95cm Opened bed position: 84" = 213cm Seat Cushions' Depth: 23.5" = 60cm Sofa Height: 32" = 81cm Sofa's seating height from the floor of 18" = 46cm. Bed's sleeping height from the floor of 22" = 56cm. INNERSPRING MATTRESS SPECIFICATIONS: (a*) Bonnell coils: electrically tempered steel wire with antioxidant treatment (b*) Springs: Ø 2,20 mm. (c*) Insulation: Odorless Felt 1300 g/mq (d*) Padding: Expanded polyurethane foam up to 12 mm of height. (e*) Ventilation: Valve for moisture evaporation (f*) Cover fabric: 100% Cotton. ORTHOPEDIC MATTRESS DIMENSIONS: (Queen Size) Width: 63" or 160cm Length: 79" or 200cm Height: 5" or 14cm. PRODUCT UNIQUE FEATURES: 1. CUSHIONS WITH CONCEALED COMPARTMENTS FOR PILLOW STORAGE 2. BED HEADBOARD WITH FOAM INSULATED HEADREST. 3. QUEEN SIZE ORTHOPEDIC MATTRESS WITH “STAY FLAT” WELDED MESH MATTRESS SUPPORT SOFA BED SPECIFICATIONS: The special feature of this product is that it allows you to open and close the sofa bed with only one movement without having to remove seat and back cushions. All cushions are attached to the sofa bed frame and stay in place regardless of movement. (a)-> Constructed in high resistance cold rolled steel tube. Finished in electro statically deposited epoxy resin then oven baked. (b)-> Frame complete with bayonet fixings for easy mounting of various parts (arm rests and back board). (c)-> Orthopedic bed with quality continental style weld-mesh. (d)-> Supported cantilever at the end of bed, which allows for sitting without damaging the mechanism. OPENING INSTRUCTIONS: Stand in front of the sofa bed, then pull the back cushions toward you, and finally pull the pillow compartment handle upwards until fully extended.

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