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Photo studio for rent (Hours) - Photo Shoot/ Recording Video

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Photo studio for rent (Hours) - Photo Shoot/ Recording Video Das Werden is a fourth-generation studio in New York. When the studio was designed, the experience of previous studios—for which the noise of New York streets was a big problem—was useful. During the construction phase, we increased the amount of insulation in the walls and installed double-pane windows and acoustic doors. A separatewas built to prevent internal noise Now, the recording of a video or interview will take place in total silence. The studio is adapted for recording interviews, dialogues, online broadcasts, and training videos. In the cradle of ultra-artsy Manhattan is our 1500 SF haven for professional photographers. Fully stocked with state-of-the-art equipment and flushed with natural light, it is the prime location for shooting cookbooks, still life, headshots, commercial product photography, and model tests. The studio is perfectly equipped for photo shoots, both for shooting magazines and catalogs and for small image photo shoots, and headshots. The studio is divided into several zones: library zone, antique zone, and cyclorama. In each of the zones, you can create different mood photos. 20 people max | 4 hr. min | $150 per hour | 1500 sqft The high ceiling makes it possible to place the light above the model simulating daylight. The use of a smoke machine is also possible during the shoot. The studio has an electric breaker box and 11 independent lines of 20 Amp each. On the ceiling, there are four metal trusses with sockets for convenient placement of light. The main light is operated by remote control and can change the temperature and light level. Next to the cyclorama is a convenient make-up zone where you can simultaneously prepare two models. A room for changing clothes can be organized next to the make-up area by means of fencing off with two V-flats. The studio has a large selection of furniture that you can freely move around the studio and make photo sets and compositions. Loading and unloading equipment is very convenient in the building. Your car can park right in front of the freight elevator entrance. The building has two freight elevators. The working hours of the freight elevator are from 8 am to 5:30 pm. If you need an elevator beyond these hours or on weekends, you can order it for $150/1hr. - You can Choose a Parking garage in the next building The studio has a set of pulsed lights that you can use for free, the list of equipment will be given below. In-house Equipment 3 Elinchrom 400W Compact MonoLight 3 Elinchrom 500W Compact MonoLight 4 Octaboxes 24/26/32 inch 1 Beauty Dish 24 inch 4 Reflective Umbrellas 4 ETC Source Four 750W 4 Hot light 600/1000/1500W 3 Led light GVM 50RS 3 Led light Godox SL Series SL200 II 200W 1 Lightning Trigger 1 Projector Optoma ZH406ST Short Throw Laser Projector 7 C-Stand/Roller stand 5 Sendbags 4 Apple Boxes 5 V- Flats Hair & Make-up Station 1 Clothing rack, 1 Folding table, Speakers, Mic, Printer Coffee free Wi-Fi Connection speed on the router DOWNLOAD 400 Mbps; UPLOAD 400 Mbps;

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