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Position: Transport Agent

  • Дата добавления: 09/06/2018
  • Обновлено: 09/06/2018
  • Интересовались: 61
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Position: Transport Agent
Type: Remote/Flexible time
Salary based on commission $ 20 for each completed order(shipment).

We are looking for a partner to open an online store.

Requirements for a job seeker:
- Availability of US citizenship,
- Ability to conduct a full-fledged business in the United States,
- Constant acsess to the Internet and a printer.
We need a purposeful, ambitious partner to process the business.
All candidates will be considered.

Good afternoon, our company engaged in the sale of sports equipment. We make a set of co-workers. You receive the parcel, we will send you a new stamp\label (paid delivery) by e-mail. Your task is to send a parcel with a new stamp through the nearest post office of USPS.
The duties include accepting parcels and sending them to their destination, as using the services of a transport company is expensive.

You will be paid in a monthly schedule. You get $ 20 for one package. The average monthly income will be $ 700-1000 per month.

What you need for employment:
1. Full name
2. Full address of residence: state. city, zip code, street, house, apartment.
3. Telephone
4. E-mail
5. Personal photo holding your id, to verify your personality.

Katy Brown
e-mail: katybrown.g@yahoo.com
Phone 323-606-8045

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