Бизнес и виза J1

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- Могу ли я вести предпринимательскую деятельность с визой J-1?

Спасибо! Александр

- Этот вопрос, Александр, лучше было задать адвокату. Какой информацией располагаем мы. Надо полагать, что английским вы владеете.



You must be sponsored by a «U.S. employer.» What if you are the employer in the form of a company that you establish? USCIS regulations define employer as «a per-son or entity...who engages the services or labor of an employee to be performed in the United States for wages or other remuneration.»

Since the H-1B petition must be approved prior to commencing employment, and it is difficult, although not impossible, for a «paper» company with zero employees and no income to be considered an employer capable of sponsoring an H-1B beneficiary, the dilemma to overcome is establishing a company with enough viability to be ap-proved by the USCIS without technically being employed in the interim. One way to remain within the law is to establish a company with the help of other investors. The most conservative position is to be only a «passive investor» as opposed to exercising substantial decision-making power in the company. An individual cannot be accused of being employed without authorization if he or she is only a passive investor in the company that will sponsor him or her for the H-1B visa. To summarize, an individual cannot be «employed» in H-1B status until his or her employer petitions for and re-ceives H-1B approval.

Ниже мы приводим комментарий с одного из интернет-форумов, авторы которого ответили на вопрос человека, который задал вопрос аналогичный ва-шему вопросу.

Ok No problem indian, as far as i know, even people on H1 cannot start the com-pany, i am currently on H1, a while ago, me and my another friend who was on J1 at that time wanted to start a company, we did lot of research on that and even contacted 3 immigration lawyers, he told us only way we can start company is that we just become share holder but CANNOT BE ON PAYROLL, i repeat cannot be on PAYROLL, and you can still receive payment from there as a dividend on your in-vestment. anyway we did not start the company, so that is something you can think of if you want, contact immigration lawyer, they will be able to clarify your situation.

Good luck

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