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Через месяц истекает срок годности моего американского паспорта. Смогу ли я обменять его в американском посольстве или консулате за рубежом, мне надо срочно полететь в Россию по делам бизнеса?

Александр, Бруклин


Для ответа на этот вопрос воспользуемся официальной информацией с сайта Госдепартамента США.
Applying for a U.S. Passport from Outside the United States
Applying for a U.S. passport while outside the United States is a different process from applying for a U.S. passport while inside the United States. Although the application forms, supporting documentation, fees, and finished products are the same everywhere, each U.S. embassy and consulate has different procedures for submitting and processing your final documents. Listed below is information you should know when applying for a U.S. passport while outside the United States.

Application Forms
If you are applying from outside of the United States, DO NOT follow the submission instructions included within the application form, which are intended for people applying from within the United States. Check your local embassy or consulate’s website for instructions on submitting your forms.
Please note that you must provide your Social Security Number in accordance with the FAST Act.
Supporting Documents
Give supporting documents-- verifying your citizenship and identity-- to your local consulate or embassy along with your application form. The required supporting documentation varies based on the application form used, so consult your form for more details.           
The photo you submit for your application must meet all U.S. passport photo requirements. Be aware that photo requirements for a U.S. Passport may vary from passport photo requirements of other countries. Click here for a full list of passport photo requirements.

While the specific fees for services are the same, local embassies and consulates can only accept your payment via cash in U.S. or local currency on site or in some cases via credit card. Unlike Acceptance Facilities located in the United States, they cannot accept personal checks. You cannot send cash by mail. Please see the website of your embassy or consulate to see what forms of payment they are able to accept. Click here for a full list of fees.
Please note: Express Mail is not available for overseas applications.

Expedited processing is not available for passports when you apply from outside the United States. All passports requested from overseas are printed in the U.S. and sent to your embassy or consulate. In an emergency, embassies or consulates can issue limited validity passports. Contact them directly for more information.    

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